Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Basement redesign!

So, I lied about finalizing the basement plan, I guess. Eric laid it all out today with 2x4s and random poles and things and is now talking about some system where everything is on wheels and flexible and the renter can figure out how they want to arrange it all. For all you aspiring developers out there, 600sf is too small for a 1BR! We may even be down to 550 now since a curb has been poured all the way around the basement (this had to do with digging down & "containing the existing foundation" according to Eric) and there's just not enough room for everything!!

Tomorrow our plumber begins laying groundwork for the front drain and on Thursday he begins laying the storm/sewer drains, so that's when the layout really needs to be finalized. One the front drain is in, Stanley & his crew can pour footers for the new entrance & get moving with block-laying. The basement front entrance has been taking way too long - we think Stanley has been working a few other jobs & giving us the skeleton crew - but i guess we weren't ready with a plumber anyway. The weather will be great thru Friday so hopefully we will make a lot of progress!

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