Monday, July 6, 2009

Concrete Montage

The pics tell the story better than I can but this was an exciting day!! In the first photo you can see the concrete truck blocking 1 lane of Ontario Rd. during rush hour. The second photo shows the layers of plastic, insulation and wire mesh that will go below the slab. There's gravel and plumbing further below that. The black plastic wrapping the back bedroom area is called drainboard. Any water that was able to penetrate the exterior and interior waterproofing on the brick wall, would be captured in the drainboard & run into the french drain below. Photo #3 shows the first bit of concrete being smoothed around the back bedroom area (the sump pump is on the right). The aerial photo is made possible by the fact that we don't have a floor above yet! The rest are just progress photos as the slab got poured & smoothed all day. Note that there are 2 more windows in the back bedroom area that are not visible from this angle.

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THE MUM said...

Bet Ontario Road users had some choice words for you. Will your house be finished before Murdock Rd??? LUV, THE MUM