Monday, February 22, 2010

Team Weirich

Dad and I installed a ton of fireproofing this weekend. Sorry, no pics, too much to do! It's nasty stuff, spun fiberglass, so it sort of cuts into your skin. My innovation was to cut up old socks into Michael Jackson-type gloves under my work gloves, preventing the fiberglass dust from going down my sleeves when I was stuffing it up into the crack between the subfloors and the wall. We almost finished but I still have the attic to do once blocking is installed. That's what our friend Noah was working on, blocking, while Eric focused mostly on running fan ducts to the outside.

In other news, we finally fired Bruce. He's been MIA since 2/5, NOT coincidentally the same day he was paid for the rough-in! Based on the problems we are uncovering now, I don't think he ever intended to finish. However, we fortunately have Helen to finish the job for us (note to self: hire women contractors whenever possible). She was recommended to us by my neighbor on Lamont and did our low voltage work. She's hard working and very experienced. Today she found a laundry list of Bruce's stuff she needs to redo, may of which highlighted his lack of experience, and she charges about 1/2 the hourly rate, so we're really happy about that. We'll probably end up spending more than our contract with him, but DC law allows, in theory, for you to recover the excess costs from a contractor not performing and a homeowner having to hire a replacement. I'm not sure how that will actually work but we'll worry about it when we are done! We're also filing complaints against Bruce in every venue possible in an effort to protect other homeowners.

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