Thursday, April 29, 2010

Inching toward drywall

So, last week I thought we were ready for drywall but then Eric sent me a 2-page list of to-dos we needed to take care of first. I took Friday off and we worked on the list all weekend. I became a huge fan of the chop saw loaned to us by Oliver across the street and we shortened the list to under 1 page. This week, Eric has enlisted his high school friends Cleve and Phil, both very skilled carpenters, to help as much as possible, but as things get crossed off the list, others seem to get added. Today Eric's been stressed about the under-stair details. We have a series of doors under the stairs (for laundry, hot water heater, electric/coat closet, and Rudy's litter box) and he's trying to figure out exactly how to instruct the drywall guys to install drywall in that area.

In other exciting news, the Marie Reed Elementary School behind our house has been undergoing major much-needed renovations and today Michelle Obama and other congressional wives came to help paint the mural / dedicate the new playground area. Unfortunately no one in the neighborhood could get very close but our house is just on the other side of the black fence you see on the right in this picture. This involved swarms of secret service guys with machine guns littering our back alley all afternoon who couldn't tell Eric who was coming. Eric told one of SS guys that he'd be shooting off a nail gun all day and to please not storm the house, so thankfully he radio'ed that message to his counterparts and everything was fine, except for the minor indicent when the SS guys hit our jiffy john (gently). The best photos of mural painting I have found are here:

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