Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Tile continues

Kitchen floor tile and master bath glass mosaic tile are the most exciting developments of the week. They look so good. Our kitchen floor is metallic! Phil also assembled all of the upper kitchen cabinets today so they can be placed once the floor is grouted. I think he's an IKEA expert now.

Unfortunately Eric was rear ended on the way to TW Perry yesterday in his Blazer. He was hit so hard his radio flew out of the dash, his hat flew off, and the passenger's window popped out of the track! He's feeling pain in his neck & back but the Dr. says this is normal for 3-5, but if it persists after that to come back. He's slowed down a little but not a lot. I'm hoping the Blazer doesn't get totalled, as its been crucial to our renovation mobility.

Also, tomorrow's our big day in small claims court against Bruce... should be interesting...

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