Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Progress update

Argent, our HVAC contractor who we paid top-dollar for because the manufacturer of our HVAC system told us they were the best, has been holding us up. They scheduled us for 2 days and have been working on our install for about 3 weeks now. The condensate lines don't seem to be run behind the walls correctly, which is causing some of the units to drip, which is obviously a problem since drywall is up now and we want to get wood floors in. I think they are down to just a couple of problematic air handlers, which will hopefully be resolved today. They seem to be fixing the problem by installing small, quiet, fish-tank like pumps to the units behind the walls to pump the condensate into the lines and away from the units.

Also, Helen is coming today to start wiring up switches plugs and fixtures. Phil will be here to work with Eric on basement trim (they did the basement bedroom on Sunday and it looks great) and tomorrow Winkhel, our countertop guy is coming by to take final measurements. Eric thinks they may start laying the wood floors upstairs tomorrow, which is so exciting!

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