Sunday, January 4, 2009

Back wall progress!

Finally, the back wall is being rebuilt! They are using bricks that were previously cut out so there's not going to be an issue with matching or compatibility. We're going to have a 7'10" tall x 5'0" wide french door on the bottom with a 12" transom above and twin 6'0" windows of the same width in the room above. Part of this back wall reconstruction change order also involves replacing some bad rafters in the roof and re-sealing it. Eric supervised today from about 7am - 2pm to make sure everything was being done correctly. He thinks the crew knows more than Jerry but they speak Spanish so it's hard to communicate with them directly. We discussed Eric driving to work (rather than riding his bike) until this project is done so that he can drive back at lunch to check on the crew. Basically the more time Eric spends next door, the better the final product is going to be.

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