Friday, January 2, 2009


In retrospect, there are a lot of clauses I wish our contract with Jerry included, but one that we didn't forget to add, pertains to "treasures" found during excavation, demolition and construction. Eric LOVES these old relics and how he has a ton of them. Seems as if the contractors 100 years back were drinking a lot of beer while building our house, because they threw all of their bottles into the basement backfill! Lots of them are imprinted with the name of an Arlington brewery that's no longer in existence and they have a rainbowy finish, almost like dichroic glass, probably as a result of some chemical reaction underground. There are also milk bottles and really cool ornate "other" bottles and all of them are heavy and made of very thick glass. We're going to clean a few up to use for decorating our house but hopefully Eric won't make us save all of them! :) Other treasures we've saved from the house include 2 antique mantles made of Chesnut wood that we need to try to sell and a bunch of old decorative air vents (a few are pictured here).

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