Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Eric and Cleve have decided that most of Jerry's work needs to be ripped out and redone correctly. It pains me a little to see regress instead of progress, but the final product will be better and last longer (and both of these guys are perfectionists). The main problem is that the 2nd floor joists are undersized and not pocketing into the brick walls far enough, which makes for a bouncy floor. The subfloor is already glued & screwed over top of the joists so that needs to be ripped out too. They also removed every inch of plaster from every wall. This picture shows the master bedroom with the rafters removed. We are thinking of creating dramatic vaulted ceilings (12-13'), which will actually save us the cost of replacing the rafters but carry the added cost of a little more drywall. Someday when/if we add the 3rd floor, the rafters will have to be replaced to be the floor for the new level, which will be somewhat invasive, but still I think the vaulted ceiling for 5 or so years will be cool and worth it!

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