Monday, June 8, 2009

Retaining walls nearing completion

This picture is from today. Eric then augmented it by noting where an additional course of block is needed and where our planters will be. I'm leaving work soon to go check out stone samples to cap the wall and also look for modern planters. I like the idea of aluminum but no rust is allowed. The brick column will be painted to match the color of the house (blue/gray) and we intend to finish the rough edge of the concrete porch by bolting a metal panel to it.

Eric and I spent Saturday doing manual labor upstairs. We used a Home Depot gift card from my aunts Donna & Candace to buy a 2nd hammer drill so we could both work on enlarging the joist pockets on the 2nd floor. Basically the original joists were only sized to support a ceiling below. We need to install larger ones to support a future 3rd floor! The work was hard for me but I got a few done. Tomorrow my handyman, Jose, who did all of the work on my Lamont St. house is stopping by see what Eric needs in the framing department and hook him up with some laborers.

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