Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Wall Status

The retaining wall has made awesome progress in between thunderstorms. Today the crew worked on the short retaining wall adjacent to the sidewalk using the same block as the larger retaining walls. I also think we've settled on using a stone cap on the retaining walls (pictured here). They are much better than the 4" concrete ones intended to go with the blocks and add a natural feel to the yard. I can't wait to do some landscaping but Eric says we have to leave the yard all opened up for a few more weeks until Pepco and Washington Gas come in and move the lines, do the separate metering, etc. Also Stanley won't be pouring the stairs until he's ready to pour all of the concrete at once, which includes the basement slab, light well exit, and various landings. You will also notice that the new brick column to the left is slightly mis-aligned with the one above it - we're going to get them to fix this.

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