Thursday, September 17, 2009

So much for good samaritans

Eric found a bike stashed in our light well yesterday, covered by some lumber. There's a huge black market for stolen bikes in DC and Eric noticed that this one had a CityBikes tag on it, so he walked it up to CityBikes, the neighborhood bike store. The manager told him that they knew whose it was and that it was stolen 3 days ago, so he felt good to have helped in getting it back to its rightful owner. However, then the crazy crack head who stole it came back looking for his bike, screaming "where's my MF'ing bike?" over and over and proceeded to kick in our $1,500 french door that was just installed last week, and kicked in easily because the strike plate had not been installed yet. Eric took his picture, called the police, and chased him around the neighborhood until he threatened to stab Eric with a screwdriver, at which point Eric retreated. It's not clear yet whether the door can be repaired or needs to be replaced. So unnecessary...

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eric said...

The truth is I did not retreat but went back to the house to grab my framing hammer after the guy pulled out a screwdriver; he also claimed to have a gun. Which I think was bullshit. Your average Harris Teeter shopper was a bit taken back, as this part of the chase played out at the intersection just south of the front entrance. I was stopped by a heavily tattooed police officer as I left my house with the hammer. Probably a good thing or I maybe writing this email from jail and I do like my hammer. This incident should not deter people to moving into this neighborhood or the city. I have lived on this street for nearly 6 years and have never really had something this severe ever happen to myself before. O the joys of home renovation……Bob Villa can suck it!

On the up side the school and multiple playgrounds behind our house is under going a million dollar plus facelift and already looks 100 times better then before. The free indoor pool is also slated to be rehabbed this winter………cannon ball!!!