Monday, September 14, 2009


In order to make the front door fit in its masonry hole, we actually need to move the wood lentil, not ideal but better than ordering a new $1000 door. In order to make the patio door fit, we are setting it into the kitchen by a couple of inches, instead of directly into its hole (note the transom is not in on this picture hence the gap). It looks fine with the window above above and accentuates our thick walls not found in the burbs (as Eric says). John's crew completed a lot of their punchlist items today but John is still insistent that he doesn't owe us for sealing up the windows & doors from the outside. This is totally bizarre and annoying and may cost him a contract on the finish work. We also had all of the trash removed today, the Jiffy John cleaned, and tomorrow we're picking out recessed lights at 8am and Eric has a meeting with a stair fabricator. We're on a roll!

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