Thursday, September 30, 2010

Move-in time!

Eric moved in yesterday and we slept in our house! We were giddy with excitement about it until Eric tried to arm our alarm while bypassing the motion sensor and ended up setting it off at midnight! He disarmed it in under 10 seconds but the alarm co had automatically set the police in motion and I had to prove my identity to 4 police officers shining flashlights into our windows at about 12:20am. My ID doesn't have our new address on it yet but luckily they accepted a delivery invoice from IKEA with my name and our address on it. I didn't really fit the description of their typical burgular either, so that helped. :)

There's definitely more punchlist and clearing out construction materials to do, mainly on the 1st floor, but I'm planning to move in by 10/31, yay! You can see that Bonsai is settling in just fine...