Monday, October 4, 2010

urban camping

We made our normal trip to the dump on Saturday to drop off a load of plywood & recycling and then met with a re-upholstery gal about refurbishing Eric's 70's-vintage red chairs for our den, which I'm really excited about! We accomplished more on Sunday, setting slate over our front step, drywalling a closet for the washer & dryer, installing coverplates, another outdoor light, towel bars med cabinet shelves & drawer pulls, all the basics. Eric's helpers aren't available until late in the week so he's working on a few projects but also trying to get all of metalwork (inside and out) designed, which will have some lead time to fabricate and build.

Eric is now living in our house mid-construction, which is definitely a form of camping. Yesterday I cooked for the first time, making very simple pasta with red sauce and shrimp. Seeing as we have no furniture downstairs, we ate on the stairs, but made it work, and even enjoyed a celebratory glass of wine.

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