Thursday, October 22, 2009

Done with DCRA

I spent 3.5 hours at DCRA today doing what should have taken 30 minutes, so the sign pictured here which is located in the Treasurer's office (where you pay for your permit) is very appropriate, I think. I arrived at 8:15 because they open at 8:30, only to learn that Thursdays are different and they open at 9:30 on Thursdays. Wow, wouldn't it be nice to have an extra hour of sleep every Thursday... Then when I get in at 9:30 everyone's talking about a fire drill that's going to happen at 10am. So, at 9:45 someone said to me, "now, we're just getting ready for the fire drill" as a reason not to do any work on my permit. I also heard from a DC employee, "you have to think of [the fire drill] from our perspective, it's a break!" A break from doing nothing? The fire drill took about 45 minutes and then all DC employees had to come back into the building before any visitors could. I finally got out of there at 11:45 and proudly hung our last and hopefully final revised permit in the window at 2300!
The plumber has turned out to be very unreliable and has a lot of work yet to do. The HVAC installation started today and will supposedly be done in 3 days. And electric starts on Monday. Yay, everything's moving forward. I also keep ordering samples and light fixtures, and getting closer to tile decisions... more on that soon!

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