Friday, October 2, 2009

Nothing's Easy

Framing is complete and we're really happy with John's work, except for his interpretation of "window installation" in his contract. He takes it to mean setting windows in the holes and we take it to include caulking and sealing. I was hoping we could caulk all weekend ourselves and get it done but Eric is seeking the perfect color match in all of the world and it may take a few days to come in. We've got $2,400 held back from his contract due Monday, and I'm not inclined to pay it just to be nice. I think our contract interpretation is fair and money doesn't grow on trees. I'd like to compromise at 1/2 or something but he told me directly today that there is no room to compromise for anything other than a 100% payment of our balance. Needless to say, he's really mad at me. Nothing's easy!

The picture here shows the shoddy stairs that were replaced this week. Also plumbing is moving forward and we just about signed up the electrician this week until he sent us an insurance certificate in someone else's name. Scary that he's been an electrician for 30 years and working illegitimately under someone else's coverage... this industry is ridiculous.

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Lamont Street's Finest said...

Reading this again, it should have been a sign NOT TO HIRE BRUCE!