Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Liens, O my!

Unfortunately I had to learn about liens this week when our framing contractor sent us a draft notice of one on Monday morning. I think this is the cheapest threat available to a contractor get someone to pay. I told him we'd be happy to pay once he finished the work, i.e. caulking & sealing the windows. I talked to our bank about the situation because I don't want this to impact future draws requests on our construction loan (they update title with each one) and they are not worried about it because it's such a small amount ($1,900) and we can easily get around it by "bonding it off" or putting $1,900 in escrow to protect the bank in case we lose the case when/if the contractor chooses to enforce the lien (which in DC has to happen within 180 days if filing it otherwise it goes away). The whole situation is stupid because it's such a small amount of money and it's not worth anyone's time or money to fight about it, but the lien just makes me angry and I'm prepared to play hard ball if necessary.

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