Friday, April 10, 2009


I love Stanley (our contractor), Jose (the master mason), Gustavo (the foreman) & their crew! They've got this big dump truck and they've covered the house with scaffolding. Every day they make major, noticeable progress. They've finished repairing and mending the cracks in the interior walls created by the construction doors (doors in the party walls that went between houses for ease of construction), repaired various window openings and today worked on rebuilding the back wall! Seeing the back wall close up after all this time is so satisfying since it's sort of been a symbol of Jerry's crime & incompetence that we've had to stare at for the past 5 months. They've also dug out the first 3 areas for underpinning and will begin forming out concrete molds on Monday. In a week or so, they will be on to digging out the front basement entrance!

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