Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Upstairs Bath

It's not the master bath, although it's shaping up to be pretty sweet. We will add the master bath with the 3rd floor addition someday. We've purchased this vanity & 2 of these faucets for the "upstairs bath," after much shopping & negotiating. I think it's perfect because we are tall and can install it at the proper height - many vanities with bowl sinks are too low to the ground. We also came in a few $100 below budget, which is always the goal, because I suspect we will go over in lighting & flooring! It's so pretty. If you can't tell it has a 3/4" thick glass countertop. Now it's time for tile. I'm really struggling with whether stone (on the floor) & glass (on the wall) tile can work together. The only way to know is to order samples!

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