Saturday, May 1, 2010

100th post! And getting close!

Eric, Cleve & Phil worked late Friday (I joined after work) and made a lot of progress on last minute details, the largest one being leveling the cathedral ceiling above the staircase, arg! We thought the drywaller's carpenter was doing this but he decided "it was more work than he thought" so we deleted it from his scope and payment schedule. Eric decided to use light-gauge steel, which may have been a little more work because his crew was less accustomed to to, but its quieter than wood which allowed them to work into the night (good & bad).

Today Phil came back and we worked on blocking, ductwork, protecting the finished trim and cleaning mostly. Tomorrow we have a ton things to move out of the house so that drywall can happen without obstacles, but I love that it's about to start. Once we paint kitchens & ceilings, the other installations can start (kitchen cabs, lights, etc.) and things will really start to come together!

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