Friday, May 7, 2010

Pitcon workshop

All of you architects who spec aluminum pitcon reveals should come see how hard this stuff is to work with in real life. It's really the right angles where the "lip" (the part that screws into the drywall) would have to overlap with another lip that requires precise 45 degree cutting with a chop saw. We hired our lowest drywall quote by far (but we did an extensive reference check that checked out), knowing they may not be able to handle this detail, so Eric, Cleve and Phil have been on it for the past 2 days and it looks great. Tomorrow mudding and sanding will begin!

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eric said...

Yes the Pittcon was a bit more tedious then I had anticipated. We came up with a good system for doing the inside 90 corners with a mitered look. The outside corners are a bit more challenging. There are also inside and outside corners along the base and a complete one off situation around the 1st floor ½ bath. In the end though it was not impossible and I feel will turnout great. This was truly a, learn by doing situation; particularly since none of us had actually worked with the material before. I think most people would have given up; the thought had crossed my mind for a second. But that is just not the ways we doing things…….