Friday, May 21, 2010

Painting weekend!

This week the house was sprayed with primer. It worked really well and revealed flaws for the drywall guys to return and touch up. All the touch-ups were sanded, vacuumed and reprimed this week and tonight Eric and Cleve painted the first coat of paint on all of the ceilings (actually work is in progress as I type - we only have 2 gas masks and the fumes are no joke). Their technique is for Cleve to spray and Eric to roll it so it has the rolled texture. This weekend my mom is coming up and we, along with Eric, Cleve & Phil, are going to roll all of the walls. Hopefully we can make a lot of progress! We're sticking to white for now just to get it done. I do want to paint a colors in a few places and also do some funky wallpaper but that can wait.

Eric said the woman who he ordered 21 gallons of paint from today at Home Depot nearly had a heart attack. I don't know what it is about the sprayer that makes it use so much more paint than a roller.

In other news today, our master electrician (Bruce's partner who holds the license and the bond) was served with notice of our small courts claim! I hired a random guy to serve the notice, who hangs around the small courts filing office offering his services. Court is on June 10 and should be interesting!

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