Monday, August 2, 2010


Today the Kemco alarm guys were on site wiring up our alarm system and I ordered a basic Verizon phone line for it to run through (to be hooked up tomorrow). Fixing up our security is a high priority before leaving for Europe. I asked Eric if we were going to plug in a phone and use our land line. He thought that would be fun and "novel". Maybe we will get a rotary phone too.

Our plumber worked a 1/2 day today, as usual. Eric has him focusing on the basement and now the hot water heater is hooked up but not wired, because apparently he doesn't know how to do that and we need to get Helen back in. Just to recap, we had wanted to use tankless, gas hot water heaters in both units but it would have cost $10,000 to upgrade our gas line sufficiently. Electric hot water heaters also use a ton of energy so we had to plan our use of amps carefully, but both units have electric tank hot water heaters.

Phil worked on baseboard trim today and also loaded up his truck with our reclaimed joists, which are going to be planed down in Frederick, MD this week and used as the finish material on our staircase. We're going to use a clear matte stain and next to the expresso floors, it's going to be gorgeous!

Here's what the boards will look like when planed down, 100-year old old growth VA pine:

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