Friday, August 6, 2010


We've hated this weed turned tree in the yard next door for so long and today Eric and Phil decided to remove it. Pepco also decided, with no notice and no return phone calls for about 3 weeks, to do our electric heavy-up today. They ran a new service line because our trunk was too small to feed the electric boxes for both units and then convert our service from 1-unit to 2. Amazingly, they do this for free too!

Among other things, Eric, Phil and Cleve mounted both upstairs bath vanities today - pictured here is the one in the master bath. I can't wait to see them in person! We also decided today to call another plumber since Joshua's availability and commitment to our project are unacceptable. He's worked about 4 or 5 half days in the past 3 weeks and we are just done playing games with contractors. I called Kelly Walsh today, also known in Brookland as "the Wench with the Wrench."

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