Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Master bath

Yesterday Eric and Cleve grouted the glass mosaic tile in the master bath. I showed up at the very end to help clean the tiles. Grouting always creates more contrast between tiles and really makes them pop - it's beautiful. Phil finished the baseboard downstairs and did some other tweaks to finish trim - he's the master carpenter of the bunch. Today Cleve cut holes in our vanities for the electric outlets (so we can store our toothbrushes inside, yay!) and mounted them on the wall. They look awesome. I think installing the vanity below will happen very soon, and then I'm definitely moving in! Tomorrow the planed down wood returns to the site and staircase work can begin. Also, Joshua will be back to continue hooking up the plumbing fixtures. Argent is ordering a part for the basement A/C, but besides that, I'm thinking the basement could be pretty much done by the end of this weekend!

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