Monday, August 2, 2010

Weekend fun

We had a fun Saturday that started with a trip to the dump to drop off cardboard for recycling, followed by Home Depot, followed by a 2nd trip to Home Depot because I realized we had the wrong type of grout for glass tiles. We started work on the house mid-afternoon and worked until 2am, Eric completing the wood flooring on the 1st floor and sanding some drywall under the stairs, and me grouting the mirror tiles in the 1/2 bath. Everything takes so long! Just for something fun and different on Sunday, we spent the day in Frederick cleaning out a bunch of Eric's old models and files from his mom's garage, since she's moving to Baltimore soon. Ah, the glamorous lives of Terra & Eric! This photo is at the dump and shows off the retro-red interior of Eric's 20-year old Chevy Blazer that has been a lifesaver during construction.

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