Monday, January 18, 2010

Dust in the air

It was a messy, dusty weekend of cleaning the brick walls in our house that will be exposed. On Saturday I cleaned our bedroom and the den walls. Yesterday, Eric built a platform over the stair opening and we did the top half of the stair wall (the hard part). The process involves brisk sweeping with a broom, followed by scraping with a metal brush, then I sweep again, vacuum and then point-up and major holes. The process is so messy and dusty that we wear masks & goggles but still end up getting covered. I'm going to try to get out of work early tonight so we can finish the bottom half and be ready to seal them later this week or weekend. It feels to good to be at this stage!

We continue to fight with Bruce who works 4 hours a day despite being 2.5 months behind on our rough-in. In fact he didn't work yesterday or today but is still on the hook to finish by Monday, although we haven't worked out revised payment terms, since he can't be trusted to set aside any of our money for materials, so he may get fired on Monday...

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