Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Heat Wave and Cleveland Returns

Cleve is back, helping Eric for a few days cut holes in the masonry for our various dryer vents, bath fan vents, stove hood vents, etc. They rented this killer drill from Home Depot (please note size in relation to notebook), but it turns out that it's too heavy to actually hold, so each hole requires building a platform to rest it on. Meanwhile, Bruce continues to work at the pace of an ancient tortoise and I continue to research how on earth to fire and recover some money from him. I think he got wind of me calling the holder of his license this week, and all of the sudden found some money to buy more supplies... We're making a major push toward drywall. This weekend for me will entail a lot of scrubbing bricks and running speaker wire, which will be satisfying! Unfortunately no more 40 degree days like today, I think it's supposed to snow again!
Just received at 9pm from Eric: "The Hilti TE 76P-ATC with a 6" diam carbon tipped bit is my new best friend. Although it is a heavy friend. I'm really glad Cleve was around to help construct the temporary shelves / braces for the drill. Cutting through 2 courses of brick takes about 1.5hr or so; setting up the brace takes about 1hr or so as well. We got (3) 5" dia holes drilled and (1.75) 6" dia hole drilled today. Hoping to get the remaining 4" dia hole done and finish off the .25 of the 6" dia hole done early tomorrow. Maybe in time to return one of the drills or get charged only half days. Either way the drills and bits are working better then expected. Backing it up for the night."

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