Thursday, January 7, 2010

Santa's little helpers

From Eric: "Got a call at 7am telling me that a roofing crew was available to install the new skylights and begin repair work on the roof [even though we weren't on the schedule for another 2 weeks]. After realizing i was not sleeping i said ok lets do this. By 8:30 there were 6 amigos on the roof cutting though 3-4 layers and 100 years of roofing material and bad patch jobs. The temp is apparently 20 degrees without the wind; and it's gets pretty wind 2.5 stories up on the roof. I think every type of roof has been on this sucker including gravel and tin. I decided to break in the new 1.4 qt Stanley [Stanley is his thermos], which can apparenly be used as a car jack and be run over by a bulldozer. Hopefully I will not need to use it as a roof rafter. I'm betting that 6 dudes jacked up on coffee can get the skylights installed before the snow starts to fall this evening. They seem to be on schedule and masters of cutting lumber off their leg with a circular saw......"

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