Monday, January 11, 2010

To Do List

Every day we work toward knocking out this list of to-dos before drywall can go up. Eric is working on getting the drywall / finish scope & drawings out so we can get bids lined up, and then he can focus solely on the list. Here it is:
1. Patching the leak in the roof & waterproofing new vents - started last week, finished today
2. Install CAT5 and speaker wire (which sort of requires knowing what system we will go with) - Gill the Verizon guy is going to do this with us this weekend for a very reasonable price
3. Cutting holes through the brick for bath fan and appliance venting - this will take a couple days, rental of a heavy duty drill, and Eric needs a helper. Any volunteers?
4. Minor framing fixes - just a couple hours of fixes
5. Minor masonry repairs - we need to take out nailing boards and replace with brick along 2 walls. Eric also wants to brick up a chimney in the basement. It's definitely colder than ideal for this!
6. Electric rough-in inspection - This involves our ongoing saga with Bruce. God, I feel like this issue is consuming so many of my thoughts every day when I have such better things to spend my time on. Today I called the Industrial Trade Licensing Board to learn how to call his bond (the woman was out of the office) and researched small claims court in DC. I also called JW Electric (B- from the Better Business Bureau), who holds the electrician's license that Bruce works under and the $6,000 bond I would call, and left the owner a voicemail about my problems asking him to compel Bruce to finish ASAP. I am so sick of this guy's excuses.
7. Insulation - We already have a quote for this. Eric's going to call and make sure he still has time for us.
8. Alarm install - We're all lined up for this but the installers want to go after Bruce is done (see #6)
9. Seal exposed brick walls - We want to clean & seal our exposed brick walls now so that the red dust doesn't get on our drywall later. We're seeking a matte finish and my new favorite website, provided the secret recipe: 1/5 Elmer's glue, 4/5 warm water painted on with a brush and completely non-toxic. We tested this out on Saturday and I think it will work well!

When I write all of this out, it seems like a lot. Ugh, I'm so ready to be done.

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