Monday, January 25, 2010

Electric inspection but bound to fail!

We've pulled out all of the stops over the past few weeks trying to motivate our electrician, Bruce, to finish his rough-in (the other trades have been done for at least 6 weeks). We've called Service Magic, where we found him and where he confusingly receives top reviews. We've called DCRA's Office of Professional Licensing and also JW Electric, who holds the license he's working under. JW electric had Bruce commit to finishing by last Friday, but the earliest inspection time he could obtain was today. He worked Friday-Sunday from about 10:30-5 in his normal inefficient fashion and still Eric sent him a list of 31 things that are not completed as of last night, including really basic things, so I really hope he fails this inspection. He acts like he knows the inspector and he'll just be interested in whether "things are being done correctly." But, I'm really interested in the quality of installation of those last 31 things too, so in any event, I think we will be having a future inspection as well. Eric convinced Bruce to sign a contract amendment last week, incorporating some change orders, setting aside a materials reserve that we control (so he can't run out of $ anymore), and also establishing firm timelines for the rest of the project. He's due to have the exterior meters set by next week, which is another big step. Whether he makes it or not, I do not know, but unfortunately I think dealing with his shenanigans is better than going to court... but sometimes I wonder...

I sealed our bedroom brick wall on Saturday night and spent 1/2 of the day yesterday pointing up the brick walls. Eric is removing all of the nailer boards, cutting them in half (because they would show over the moulding) and then we're backfilling the holes with brick. This is tedious but will result in a nicer finished product. Our list of to-do's before drywall is dwindling, but insulation cannot start until Bruce is done.

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