Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Electric Untangling by Eric

Helen and I got most of the wiring figured out today and a game plan to make it all work. We are also consolidating a number of under-used 15 amp circuts which gives us more room in the panel. By doing this we can also run a line up to the attic area to provide lights in that space which can be later converted in the future phase to be used as a power feed for lights / outlets in the master bed room. So with the additional line run to the attic combined with the current subpanel we should have enough juice for our 3 floor and deck.

I'm actually pulling a few if the lines myself to help speed the process along. We also discovered today that Bruce did not run power the back bedroom light / fan, ran power to a switch bank twice in the kitchen, did not run the switching correctly for the entryway recessed lights and did not run power to the switch back by the front door.

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