Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Insulation Day 1

Today the house was sprayed with 1" of closed-cell insulating foam. Tomorrow the crew comes back to install batt. There was a lot of work leading up to this day. Eric and I have been working every weekend for as long as I can remember and both of the past 2 nights taking care of pre-insulation/drywall details, such as tightening bolts that sister the floor joists, running any wires for future outlets, TVs, etc., moving tools and equipment out of the house, and installing blocking. It feels good!

Next we need to put finish trim on the windows (this goes in before drywall due to Eric's finish details) and hire a tile guy to install durarock before drywall can start. We have a handful of quotes but aren't in a position to hire anyone yet. We'll try to make some more progress on this tonight.

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