Monday, March 1, 2010

Electrical Corrections

We hired Helen to finish/check/correct Bruce's work. She works full time at Pepco so was able to work Monday-Friday from 9-1 and all day Saturday. She fixed the numerous known errors including:
1. increasing amps to the basement microwave and giving it its own feed
2. correcting the ground wiring, which was wrong
3. powering the new stacked meter outside
4. wiring up the basement bath fan
5. installing all breakers in the panels so the wires can be powered and tested

By Friday she and Eric were testing Bruce's lines/circuits and found a whole slew of hidden problems, including:
1. most 3-way switches jumbled and not working correctly
2. gang boxes not big enough for the # of switches intended for that location
3. incorrect labeling
4. dual feeds coming into the same box

Unfortunately the electric needs to be right before insulation can go in because the spray foam in particular becomes really hard, making it difficult to access the wires behind it. Hopefully, Helen only needs a few more days. The photo here is of Helen and her helper from Saturday, a retired Jamaican guy who used to be her boss.

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