Sunday, March 14, 2010

Lots done but still no insulation or drywall...

It rained all weekend but we got a lot done inside, including:
  • Continuing to tighten bolts on old joists sistered to new joists (turns out our framing contractor was lazy about this, imagine that)
  • Removing trash & cardboard from the house so that there's more room for our insulation & drywall subs
  • Building a floor in the attic with the plywood that had been covering up the windows. This is basically all of the storage we will have in the house. It's over our bedroom but the height is only 2-4', so today I experienced drilling while laying down. We will have a drop-down ladder to access this space in the hallway and we're planning to build some little carts on wheels so we can overcome the low clearance and utilize the space for storage as much as possible.
  • Running a conduit for the subwoofer wire from the front wall around to where the receiver will be
  • General sweeping & vacuuming

We signed our insulation contract so hopefully that can be installed this week. We're starting to get bids in from contractors on various components of the finish installation. So far GCs have quoted between $64K and $128K, which is insane, especially with us providing all of the finishes! Looks like Eric will probably be GC'ing til the end.

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